Calling all poets!

If you have a poem you wrote or a poem you didn’t write but love, comment on this post or email me your poem and I will post it here if I like it!


Sarah Kay

There is an amazing poet named Sarah Kay. She’s talked on TED twice, and below is the link to a page with her biography and links to her two videos.

New Poll


I’m curious to know what you think! Some people I know would want to share their feelings and others I know would rather keep it hidden.

Eric Whitacre TED Talk

At a TED talk recently, Eric Whitacre, composer and conducter, spoke about the creation of his virtual choir. (More details in the video)

Here’s the one of his TED talk: (Watch first!)

Here’s the full video of his virtual choir:

I included this on a poetry blog because it is a beautiful video of people being seperate but joining together at the same time. To me, it was poetry in music.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

A Friend

In the Friendship Poems section, there’s a poem called A Friend. Here’s an image that goes with it.


New Author

I invited Okok84 to join this website and she accepted! I’d like you all to welcome her. Okok84, we look forward to your posts!

Tamara’s Opus

If you head over to the emotional poems page, you’ll see a poem called Tamara’s Opus.

Here’s a video of the poet Joshua Bennet (Who wrote it) telling his poem at a White House poetry slam.

Note that he did some of the words in sign language.

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