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Best Friends

Your work is neat, mine’s such a mess.

I rush too much, you do your best.

You get all A’s, I get all C’s.

I’m Tom Sawyer, you’re Socrates.

You love library, I rush to gym.

I’m elastic, you’re a straight pin.

You’re a violin, I’m a tambourine,

But we’re the best friends this school’s ever seen.

~Kalli Dakos


Oh, the comfort – the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person,

Having neither to weigh thoughts,

Nor measure words – but pouring them

All right out – just as they are –

Chaff and grain together –

Certain that a faithful hand will

Take and sift them –

Keep what is worth keeping –

And with the breath of kindness

Blow the rest away.

By Dinah Maria Mulock Craik


A Friend

A friend is like a shade tree

Beside a summer way,

A friend is like the sunshine

That makes a perfect day,

A friend is like a flower

that’s worn close to the heart,

A friend is like a treasure

With which one will not part.